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Mr. Mottled Bark

The character and warmth that Mr. Mottled Bark emanates is truly amazing! He seems to really be THE ideal Fairy garden Character! This is a large Ent, measuring 16 inches tall. He would look smashing in a potted tree! Of … Continued

Peaches and Cream Fairy Cottage

Elegant and very intricate, the Peaches and Cream Fairy Cottage is a lovely Fae display! This house is overflowing with charm, color and detail. The front door is truly a piece that was plucked straight out of the Elvin world! … Continued

Why Fairy Garden?

Why would anyone want to put a miniature display of Fairies on their desk, in the bathroom, or on the patio? Can Fairy Gardening be useful? Here at Sprouted Dreams, I believe that a momentary escape from the troubles and … Continued