Bunny Fairy House

Every Bunny needs a Fairy Garden to hop and play!

See the ideal addition to your Fairy

Garden with the Bunny Fairy House.

Bunny Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams

This is a medium sized Fairy House available in my Amazon Shop.

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The Bunny Fairy House looks fantastic nestled in a potted plant or even as a table centerpiece! The roof has a feeling of movement and character. Plus the bunny adds a big cuteness factor 🙂

See how the Fae Forest acquired such a tiny bunny in the charming story I wrote just for this house!


Read the Bunny Fairy House Story below:

The bunnies in Fairyland love to play.The Fairies always loved the bunnies, from a distance. The problem was, that when the bunnies jumped and skipped, they would knock over plants and houses. So when the bunnies came up close to Fairyland, the Fairies wished that they would leave.
The Mayor of Fairyland decided that something had to be done. So, he called on his Pixie cousin. “Please come and visit us” he said. “Bring your family and make sure you are well filled with Pixie dust”.
Upon the Pixies arrival, a great feast was planned. All of the forest creatures came. The bunnies came too. Everyone was on their best behavior because the Pixies were a special treat for all. Everyone ate, and drink, and sang. The whole town dozed off to sleep just before dawn.
The following day the mayor had a talk. He requested that the Pixies and bunnies have a meeting with him. Once everyone was seated and comfortable, the mayor proposed his plan. “Why don’t we ask the Pixies to spread their Pixie dust on you fair bunnies? In this way, you can be made smaller. You can romp and play with all of the Fae friends without knocking over our crops and houses.” The bunnies looked quite surprised! Their ears all came up and they sniffed there bunny noses together. “What shall we do?” asked the bunnies to each other. The bunnies looked at the mayor, and then at the Pixies.
“Are you willing to do this?” queried the bunnies to the Pixies. “Yes, we would be glad to help make the forest a more comfortable place for all” answered the Pixie King.
“We need some time to sleep on it” said the bunny leader. The meeting adjourned, and the forest was quiet for the remainder of the day and night.
The following morning as the sunlight streamed through the trees above, everyone met again. The forest was still, and everyone’s eyes were on the bunnies. It was their decision. “We so love our forest friends!” said the bunnies. “We want to get along. We want to be made smaller.” Everyone cheered! “Hooray!”
The Pixies gathered around in a circle. They asked the bunnies to all move out into the open meadow where the grass was already browned. “Everyone else stay back!” the Pixie leader warned.
Each Pixie gathered handfuls of their special Pixie Dust. Each flew high up in the sky gathering strength to swoop down over the bunnies. From high above, diving at an extreme speed, the Pixies descended over the bunnies spreading their Pixie Dust like a fog. The bunnies coughed a little bit, and started to wash their little faces.
Moment by moment they shrunk. At first slowly, then with greater speed they went from a regular bunny size to about the size of your thumb. “That didn’t hurt at all!” The bunnies were all chattering and quite happy that their experience was so simple!
 From this day forward the bunnies had all they could eat, the entire forest to play, and ramp, and stomp. And they were very ruckus bunnies indeed! And everyone laughed, and played, and danced right alongside with them! In the wee hours, when it was time to rest, every bunny would curl up on the rooftop of their favorite Fairy home to sleep.Bunny Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams

the end




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