English Elvin Cottage

This Fairy house is prim and proper, yet


has a definite air of magical possibility!


Such beauty with soft colorations of green, brown and purple, the English Elvin Cottage is a real showstopper!

I also included on this house some special lichens from the ranch that were just an ideal match to the green color.

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Maybe this is the ideal house for your Fairy garden?!

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This would be a lovely Fairy house to put in with some lavender plants! I think the colors blend so nicely!


Read the English Elvin Cottage Story



The English cottage was nestled in the Fae forest beside a large Sage plant. The plant would give it shade in the hot summer days and bloom it’s beautiful purple flowers in the spring time. The Elvin family that lived there had once lived in another land. Often times they longed to go back to their homeland. But they loved their little cottage and didn’t want to leave it empty.
During one hot summer, a wedding was planned. A WoodSprite was going to take a beautiful Pixie for his bride. It was an unusual match, but they suited each other perfectly! The WoodSprite, being rather small and rooty, was an ideal match for the rather large and round Pixie, who stood tall above all of her relations.
They needed a suitable home that they both would be comfortable in. Since they were an odd shape for both families, they felt uncomfortable in their relatives houses, and wanted to build their own.
The English Cottage family knew this was an opportunity for them. They decided to take an extended visit to see their old friends and family in their homeland. The Cottage could be rented to the newlyweds. They notified the perspective couple of their plans.”Would you like to rent our house for a while?” The enchanted couple were excited and went to discuss it.
One week later, they met the Elf family again and took a look around. “Yes! We would love to rent your beautiful cottage! We are building our own special house just a little ways down the path. This will be the perfect spot to stay while we create our own magical house.”
The Cottage Elves left and planned to return in three seasons. The newlyweds knew that they would be staying until the beginning of the following summer – of which would be some soggy weather in the forest. They would have to work hard when they could, and plan accordingly.
Once the nuptials were complete and the newlyweds had moved in, they began work on their new home. The English cottage prove to be a marvelous home for them to stay in. They loved it’s beautiful door and we’re especially careful to follow the Elves directions to care for the lichens that grew all around it.
Meanwhile, the Elvin family really enjoyed their time back in their homeland. They also thought often about their beautiful Cottage under the Sage. While they were in their homeland they collected special items to carry back to their beautiful home. They selected stones, Lichens, a perfect piece of wood for a sign, and even some special wood to frame the window. When they returned, they were able to place these items onto their beautiful house with joy.
The newlyweds had finished their tiny abode – too small for now but they would add on more as their family grew.
The Elvin family happily gave them some of their treasures from their homeland to make the brand new house feel like it had a part of the first house with it.
Finally, as a finishing touch, the Elvin family added a Heather plant with some seeds that they had brought. The beautiful English Heather grew around their home and brought with it colors that match the house perfectly.
The English Elvin Cottage was the perfect place to be, with fond memories and treasures from the past- As well as  bright new beginnings!

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