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Come with me on a hike!

Sourcing materials for Fairies, Ents, Fae homes and other magical items is one of my most favorite things to do!


I love to go out in the early morning to look for supplies. The birds are always busy at this time of day and I often run into quail, Jack rabbits, and sometimes raccoons. I try to avoid the rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and bears!
The small creek has dried up now. It leaves behind such beautiful stones to work with. I go to a different place to get the round stones that I use for bases of mailboxes and signs, but in the dry creek there are many small flat stones that are perfect for other applications. These are the flat stones I use for patios and walkways, or even steps, on the Fairy houses I create
I’m always on the lookout for a unique piece of wood. I love to work with Oak and Sycamore. I find some uses for pine, but not very much. I find it to be a splintery wood. It just doesn’t feel right in my hands. The pine piece that I would like to use, is from our tree that died in the corner of our pasture.  🙁  Although we had a good rain this year, the five years of drought prior, killed many many pine trees. This tree is connected to the fenceline and I don’t think it will fall soon. But maybe some of the branches can be cut for use as Gazebo bases and swing bases.
 This is still a great time to find driftwood pieces. I never know exactly what type of wood those pieces are. Always a mystery! But with their bleached color, bark already removed, and nearly custom sanded, they are very special pieces indeed!
We have free range cattle at our ranch. Therefore, there are always cattle bones strewn about. They especially accumulate in the creek beds. I have often wondered if maybe I could use one of the vertebrae pieces as a evil gnome chair. I’m not sure if people would buy these. What do you think?
The larger flat stones are always a great addition – although a very heavy component to my backpack!
All in all, today was a very productive and charming little hike. It’s great to return with so many pieces and get ready to sit down to work.

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