The Dragon at Sprouted Dreams

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I found a Dragon!

I have been eyeing a certain piece of wood along the Creek for some time. With all the rain this year, I did not have access to it because the water was too high and moving too fast.


But finally, the water has receded now. I went right up to the big, curled log that I had gazed at from above for so long. It was dead already, but looked like it was wedged well into the side bank of the creek. Amazingly, when I pulled on it, it came right out!

It did snap back and bite me then! But I guess Dragons DO bite! That should not have surprised me 🙂 You can see my little bite in the photos.

I hate to cut this up into Fairy houses- but that is what I am going to do. The entire piece of wood is about 7 feet long. And, although it would be a joy to make, I don’t think anyone is going to buy a big, curly, 7 foot Dragon. I can think of so many ways to create one though… Shipping would be quite something on a Dragon of this size! Alas, maybe another Dragon, another day….

Well,,,,Maybe I’ll make the face.

Click on any photo below to scroll through the Gallery pics and see the captions on them.


And keep on the lookout—the be Dragons!!

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