An Enchanted Invitation….

You’re invited to the Enchanted Fairy House!

A Fairy Wonderland awaits you in this magical home. With its’ special beaded entryway, functional swing, and a tiny bird on the roof, this home offers so much!

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Read the Enchanted Fairy House Story below

Many moons ago, the faithful of the Enchanted Forest were overly busy. They often flew from place to place at such high speed that they would sometimes crash into the Ents. Of course, this never hurt the Ents actually, but it caused the Fairies and Pixies to be quite flustered. Great tension arose in many of the forest folk. They became agitated with each other, and felt the need to hurry even more. All of this lead to stress, and accusation, which further exacerbated the problem.
 One old Pixie, Grandmother Pixie, decided it was time to put some enchantment back into the Enchanted Forest. She called to her all of her grandchildren for a meeting. “I want to build a new house“ she said. “But why grandmother? The house you live in is where we all were raised. Don’t you want to keep this house?“ Asked the others. “Of course I love my home!” exclaimed Grandmother. “I simply want to make a place to bring the enchantment back to the Enchanted Forest. Everyone in this town has become so agitated and busy, that they have forgotten about the magic we all share. I believe we need a home that reflects that enchantment. And it’s time to start building it now.”
Everyone in attendance was slightly taken aback. They knew that Grandmother was right, but were a bit embarrassed to admit the truth. “Well I suppose it couldn’t hurt“ said one.“Maybe it will be a blessing to Grandmother“ said another. So, without taking any blame for the towns’ lack of enchantment, they all agreed to bring some of that magic back.
As the townspeople came to help with the building, Grandmother was there every second. She oversaw all that was added to the home and made sure each aspect of the home brought joy. The people were amazed that the work actually brought them closer together!
Any time there was a question about what to add or take away, it was discussed, and all the Fae folk had a say in what was being built. Bit by bit they began to acknowledge and respect each other again.
The project brought such peace to the Enchanted Forest, it was made into a church. This special structure was a place where any of the folk could go if they felt as though they had lost their way. By spending time there, and reflecting about who they were made to be, being grateful for the magical place they lived, the Enchanted Forest was enchanted once again.


This wonderful home is available here.

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