Greeting Faerie by Sprouted Dreams
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Greeting Faerie

The Greeting Faerie makes everyone  welcome in your garden!

See the process of how the Sprouted Dreams Woodsprites, Ents, and Faeries are made.

Click on the photo gallery below to view the whole process from beginning to end!

Featured in this article is the Greeting Faerie. He stands 18 inches tall to make sure he sees all who enter your special place, giving each one a special hello!

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The Greeting Faerie is the perfect gentleman to post at the entrance of your Faerie Garden!
This handsome fellow offers a kind word for all who come near. Perhaps you would like to have a conversation with him too?!
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 The Process

From the get go I really tried to document the creation of this particular Ent. I think that the following pictures will help you to see some of the creation process. Have fun watching as he develops!

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I took several photos at this Ent during creation to be able to show this process.  Plus, the availability of the “SuperDuperMushroom” was an opportunity not to be missed!


I start out by choosing branches that have a unique twist to them. Pieces that have an area that look like a torso, and a placement for a face usually work out best. Once I have the branch is cleaned and baked, I begin the process of creating a face. I use polymer clay. This is later blended into the wood. The colors of the wood are then pulled into the polymer clay as well as paint is added as a final touch to bring colors of the lichens, Moss and wood grain into the polymer play.
Shaping the face takes the most time. I usually am hoping for a feminine face. It’s what I almost always attempt to do, but most of my creations turn out masculine.
The basic template is usually done with my hands, wooden sculpting tools, and dental picks.
If I think the piece will have wings, I usually add polymer clay to the backside. The easiest place is to give the creature a butt! This make the entire piece more stable, and adds to the movement and emotion of the artwork.

After all polymer clay has been added and baked, any additional twigs for arms, hair, wings or limbs are glued on and dried several days.

Once the final gluing is done, and painting begins. Painting adds to the texture and dimension of the polymer clay. I try to make the paint match the bark, wood and lichens present on the piece. It seems funny need to sand and smooth the polymer clay to such an extent, and then make it look sort of lumpy and bumpy, but this seems to be the process that these Faeries require.
As you can see, I put much care, artistry and development into every creature. I hope you enjoyed watching the Greeting Faerie come to life! He can be purchased in my Etsy shop here.
Or, let me know if you have a special creature in mind you might like me to make for you!
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