Peaches and Cream Fairy Cottage

Elegant and very intricate, the Peaches and Cream Fairy Cottage is a lovely Fae display!

This house is overflowing with charm, color and detail.

The front door is truly a piece that was plucked straight out of the Elvin world!

Natural stone, varnished wood and hand painted details make this one-of-a-kind house a special find!

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Story below:

Once upon a time, there were a pair of Fae twins. They loved their parents very much and wanted to give them an amazing anniversery gift. “A new home would be wonderful!” said Brother. “Oh yes!” exclaimed Sister. “Then let’s get all our friends and family to help”.

Once they agreed to begin building, many Forest friends showed up to participate in their own special way. The Ents brought the wood from fallen branches that the Wee folk were able to shape in to the body and roof of the house. The Gnomes brought a beautiful stone base for the foundation. Members of their Fairy family gave such beautiful blooms, vines, moss and plants to complete the darling home to commemorate the couples years of wedded bliss. Almost everyone in the town contributed something.

The day of the Anniversary Party was one of lots of food, dancing, and laughter! ¬†When the twins came to bring their ¬†parents gift to them, the parents were a bit confused. Their children hadn’t brought anything! In fact, they had not seen any gifts or even a gift table! This was unheard of in Fairyland! Gifts were a part of every celebration!

“Is there something wrong?” the elders asked their offspring. “No! No!” the children assured them. “Come with us and we will show you a gift from all of Fairyland.”

Taking their parents by the hand the twins led their mom and dad down a shady path to where the new home had been built.

“Happy Anniversary!!” shouted the entire town. The couple was overwhelmed with joy and spent the remainder of the day giving thanks and sharing stories.

The couple lived in the Peaches and Cream Fairy Cottage for all their lives, always remembering the good community they were so fortunate to have.

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