Complete Outdoor Gnome Garden


This Complete Outdoor Gnome Garden Kit is truly amazing! Everything you need to make this entire display that brings you a big savings too!

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This is an amazing Outdoor Gnome Garden Kit has items that you can use to create your very own enchanted Gnome oasis!
Purchasing these items separately the Complete Outdoor Gnome Garden Kit is valued at $221!
You save almost $50 by purchasing the kit!
Free shipping is included!
Included in this kit is:
a handmade Alpine Fairy House,
3 Outdoor Fairy Mushrooms,
3 Garden Gnomes,
60 smooth stones,
an Outdoor Miniature Bench,
and a very special Potting Bench with Tools. The tools are: a watering can, pruning shears, and trowel.
Links for each item included are listed separately below. The garden bench is a special item, handmade only for this kit.
Each Garden Bench is handmade and may vary slightly from photo. Each Potting Bench will have the watering can, shears, and trowel set on a beautiful benchtop with knotty grain and will be approximately 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2 inches tall.
Use: indoors or outside, this kid is sure to be a hit!
For adult fairy gardening and no I’m gardening only. Not for use as a toy.
Care instructions included.
Links for Gnome Garden Kit items purchased separately below:
Outdoor Bench 
Yellow Mushroom 
Green Mushroom 
Red Mushroom
Gnome with sign
Blue Gnome   
Gnome with Trowel
Remember, the Potting Bench is a special item, made just for this Kit. Valued at $20


Put this awesome kit to work in your yard for color, character, and charm!