Fairy Garden Kit Pixie Sized



Pixie Sized Fairy Garden Kit!

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If you need a beautiful Fairy Garden, but are tight on space, this is the perfect kit for you! A fantastic addition to any potted plant or desktop, this kit comes with a tiny – but fully functional door!
This kit comes with a pretty Pixie in pink and yellow. She is seated on a natural log that has been sprinkled with Pixie Dust.
Also included are 2 mushrooms on picks to push into the ground where ever you like!
To show the pathway clearly for her flying friends, white sand can be sprinkled on the ground to make the way home clear.
And finally, a small and superb Pixie sized door is ready to open to all the Fae who want to enter this picturesque scene! Door has a dark stain, golden hardware and a classic curved shape.
Place you Pixies into this charming setting and watch how much fun this little world can be!
Best for use indoors or a covered outside garden. Sand and Pixie log should stay dry for continued use.
For adult Fairy gardening only. Not for use as a toy.