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Fairy Garden Ladder




Simply beautiful and functional Ladder is handmade from natural wood and has been adorned with flowers!

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 Beautiful Fairy Garden Ladder for your Pixies to dance upon!
This Ladder is filled with magic and flowers but has all the functionality your Fae friends need to access those high places in your Fairy garden!
It has been coated with varnish and the wood is suitable for outdoor use. However, be aware that the artificial flowers, moss, and vines may deteriorate if left outside in extreme conditions. For long-term usage, keep your ladder indoors.
These handmade Ladders are made with green leaves, purple vines, and white flowers. Floral decorations are on the front side of the ladder. The back is varnished wood.
Ladder measures 10 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1 inch thick. Measurements are approximate.
For adult Fairy gardening only. Not for use as a toy.

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