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Fairy Maypole and Bubble Blower Set




Handcrafted Wooden Maypole with colors of the rainbow!  Top of the Maypole doubles as a Bubble Blower!

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Satisfy your need for Fairy garden fun! A Maypole AND Bubble Wand all in one!
Made of wood, Stone, ribbons, and bubble blower, this piece has something for everyone in the Fae Forest!
🍄When set into the soil, this wand becomes a splendorous and colorful Maypole! Let the Fairies and Pixies dance away the night around this charming pole! If you would like to use the wand yourself, simply pluck it up from the garden soil and use it as a bubble blower!
🍄Entire piece is sealed for safe outdoor use. However, if you leave the Maypole out in harsh weather conditions, the ribbons will obviously deteriorate. Use your best judgment and replace the ribbons as needed.
🍄Fairy wand measures inches long and inches wide. Each stick, Stone, and chrystal is carefully chosen, so you will have a unique and beautiful Maypole. Bubble blower is hand fashioned and will vary from photos.
🍄Set includes Maypole/Bubble Wand, Aerobesque Fairy, and Praising Pixie.
🍄Each stick is carefully chosen, sanded, and sealed for your and your Fairies to have their marvelous Summer, dancing in a cloud of color and bubbles!
Actual product will vary.
Please note that each Wand is handmade to order. Please allow 2 weeks for completion of your order.
For adult Fairy gardening only. Not for use as a toy.