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Handmade Green Fairy House


Something to look at from every side and angle of this gorgeous Fairy house!

Be sure to look through all the photos! Full description below.

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Glorious Green Fairy House with a butterfly is perfect for your Fairy garden!
This magical Fairy house has so much detail and intricate qualities you can easily get lost in the other world it creates!
There is a very unique front entrance with one-of-a-kind curved wood, mushrooms, and moss. The green butterfly is just above the front door.
There are 2 windows. One has a framed window on the side of the home. The other is reflective. You can place the window for other Fae folk to see themselves- or position the house to reflect the sky and flowers! This mirrored window almost has the appearance of an eye. With it’s curved window framing, the window reflects back all that it sees.
Also if you look carefully in the photos you can see that there are glittery gems cascading down from the reflective window.

This is a medium sized Fairy House measuring 7 inches tall, 7 inches long, and 6 inches wide.

On the roof there are many mushrooms and pretty white roses. There is also an adorable yellow bird on the edge.
This is a truly magnificent Fairy house to place in your Fairy garden display!

Best for indoor use.
Not for use as a toy.
For adult Fairy gardening only.