Pond and Bridge Set




Here is a complete Bridge and Pond Set that will make any small garden refreshed with its natural beauty and charm!

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Safe for use outdoors


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When your friends in the miniature garden need a place to cool off, this handcrafted pond and wire bridge are the perfect choice! This pond and bridge set have a natural look, yet the water looks cool and inviting!
🍄Bridge is made of coated metal, and has tiny rounded stones at the base of each leg to match the stone edging on the pond
🍄Pond is handcrafted with a painted blue clay base. Each stone is set and sealed into the clay. Water is resin and suitable for outdoor use.
🍄Size: pond is 6 inches long, and 3 inches wide
Bridge is 2 in wide and 3 1/2 inches long
🍄Bridge and pond are coated with an extra layer of varnish for protection against the elements.
A perfect summertime water feature for your Gnome or Fairy garden!
Care instructions included.
For adult Fairy gardening. Not for use as a toy.