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the Forest Cottage





Such a beautiful and mystical Cottage!

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This Fairy Cottage has it all! Look at the Lights, functional door, and a tiny flower box under the window!
Part of the Discover Your Dreams Collection, this handcrafted Gnome Home is safe for outdoor use.
🍄House can be lit up and has many cutouts within the wall so it looks just as spectacular at night as it does during the day! There are even tiny gems set alongside the dotted cut-outs above the pink tulips.
🍄Natural stones provide a foundation for the house to sit on. The translucency of the white and cream-colored stones also give an opaque light when the house is lit up.
House comes with a tea light and care instructions.
🍄There is also a planter box under the large arched window on the back of the house. You can put dried flowers or silk flowers inside the tiny flower box!
🍄House measures 5 inches tall, and 5 inches in diameter.
🍄Each home is handcrafted and will differ slightly from photos. Please allow two weeks for production prior to shipping.