Fern Fairy Goddess
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The Green Goddess

Wouldn’t you love to have this character in your Fairy Garden?!

This beautiful Green Goddess has a very unique look.

Fern Fairy Goddess








Perhaps she is from a distant island?



Green Goddess
The Green Goddess Ent in her creation process. Here she is being screwed and glued prior to any decoration of flowers and moss

She certainly leaves the impression that she has lived a vibrant life!

She kneels down on her rounded log base. Her knees are naturally bent and her legs drape from front to back.


Green Goddess Fairy
See how her knees and legs bend over the base?





She seems to know a secret, and have a sort of Mona Lisa smile on her face.

the Green Goddess
here is her lovely back


She would be a delightful addition to a fern garden. I think the colors of green and gold that are in her coloring would match some fern plants perfectly.

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