Why Fairy Garden?
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Why Fairy Garden?

Small Fairy House by Sprouted dreamsWhy would anyone want to put a miniature display of Fairies on their desk, in the bathroom, or on the patio? Can Fairy Gardening be useful? Here at Sprouted Dreams, I believe that a momentary escape from the troubles and trials of every day life – even brief moments – are helpful to mental health.Pink Feminine Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams
Perhaps at work, a coworker gets under your skin. You might have tension, anger, and repetitive thoughts. None of these behaviors benefit your workplace, your mindset, or your productivity! But, being able to take a few moments to gaze into your desk top Fairy garden, can bring you some relief. Ents, Fairies and Pixies bring a reminder that you can believe in a place where all creatures get along and work together. This is why I put so many details into the homes and accessories I create. When they are gazed upon, you can lose yourself in them for a little while.
Floral Fairy House by Sprouted DreamsVoilà! You’re back to work with a fresh new attitude and perspective!
Adding some live plants around your Fae products can also help improve your micro environment. Plants help to clean the air and bring their own living persona to the garden.Fairy House with turtle by Sprouted Dreams
All in all, fairy gardening can bring the benefits of beauty, relaxation, and improve health!

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Butterfly Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams
A definite answer to the question of “why Fairy Garden?”
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