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Color Themed Fairy Garden

Many times, starting a new Fairy or Gnome garden feels like a HUGE undertaking! Too many choices in miniature homes, mushrooms, characters and then all the plants! Argh! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not try a color themed garden?

By using a color theme, you don’t end up with yellow flowers, pink flowers,  red toadstools and a blue house, and Gnomes, plus Dragons and dog fairies. That can become a real mishmosh! Too many different things that don’t really go together makes the garden look messy. The eye can not appreciate the garden as a whole. So if you use a color theme, everything looks appealing and your decision fatigue disappears!

This article has general list of plants to consider for a color theme. You may want to print it out and add some of your favorites, highlight ones to buy, or write down a few of your own ideas. Expand and grow your gardens! Don’t be afraid to try a complete theme! How about an all red garden for Valentine’s Day or Christmas? Or perhaps you want to go with a yellow theme for Summer, a Pink Mother’s Day potted plant– Whatever you decide, adding some bright and beautiful flowers that compliment each other can makes your selection easier.

 Below you will find many different suggestions for flowers that will compliment your color themed Fairy garden. Match the figurines to the flowers in your displays. Some of these plants are standard sized but many flowers also come in miniature form. Think of standard roses versus miniature ones. You choose the size that works best for you and the size of the display you want to create. Plant suggestions are included as a starting point. There are many more options, so keep this article as a note in your garden journal and add your own favorites to the list!

A Yellow Theme

For example, if we start with yellow themed flowers, you’ve got daffodils, sunflowers, black, eyed Susan,  yarrow, Johnny jump ups, and roses in both standard or miniature sizes. Plus, you even have vegetables that you could include into a

Spring Yellow Fairy Garden by Sprouted Dreams6
The entire display!

potted plant or into a small Fairy garden, like pear tomatoes, or crookneck squash, or yellow zucchini These all add that beautiful yellow color. Then add coordinating miniatures: some pale yellow mushrooms, a yellow Fairy or Gnome, and perhaps a bright cheery yellow Fairy house. And then finish it all off with a few little details of perhaps a bench or a pond. And this gives a beautiful display that is not confusing to the eye.

Click here to see a complete article on making a yellow Fairy garden in a pot.

Partial list of yellow flowers: marigold, rose, pansy, zinnia, ranunculus, daffodil, begonia, primrose, alyssum, and mums

A Red Theme

For a bold and passionate look, consider adding red flowers. If you really love red, you may want to go with some different flowers like geraniums, tulips, coxcomb and of course roses. Just remember that roses come in standard size and miniature. You can always stick with a very basic theme because there’s going to be a lot of color that comes from your characters as well as your miniatures. In fact, red is a perfect fist-timer Fairy garden subject. A potted plant with some red geramiums, maybe a miniature red rose, a Toadsttool house, Fairy in a red dress, and small toadstool mushrooms scattered about- voila! A delightful and well put together garden with almost no decission fatigue!

Partial list of red flowers: petunias, impatiens, verbena, dianthus, azalea, coleus,  geraniums, tulips, coxcomb and roses

 A Pink Themed Garden

If pink is more your style, geraniums, roses (in both sizes), camellias, peonies, hummingbird flowers, and stock in all shades of pink are excellent choices. When choosing your pinks, be mindful of the different shades and try not to mix very light pinks like an azalea with fuchsia-type pinks in the same garden. You almost have to make the lighter pinks one garden, and the darker or brighter pinks into another

Partial list of pink flowers: snapdragons, geraniums, roses, azalea, camellias, peonies, fuchsia, hummingbird flowers, sweet William and stock

White Theme

Classic and timeless, white flowers are always a great option. Try roses, camellias, and a variety of alyssum for a stunning white display give you almost an endless supply of white flowers! White is a great choice because you can always add little bits of color from your miniatures. So you could have lily of the valley, tulip, camellias, or many alums are available as small bulbs that flower. Most alums are very pretty, and you may even find some that are edible! Try white as your floral theme if you find all of this a bit much to tackle for, maybe, your first  or Fairy or Gnome garden.

Partial list of white flowers: Impatiens, gardenia, alums, Elysium, Lily of the valley,camelias, anemones, crocus, jasmine and cyclamen

a Black Theme

If, opposite to that, you want to go really bold and try some interesting colors for your Fairy gardens, you might want to use black. Perhaps you have a real deep fantasy type of display with Dragons and Elves and you want to do something with sort of dark and pensive feelings. You could go with black hollyhocks, morning glories, tulips and roses. And this is really going to give a very interesting and dramatic feel to your Fairy gardens. If you go with black, a lot of the flowers actually are going to be a very deep purple but it still gives that sort of mood. 

List of black flowers: hellebore, hollyhock, morning glories, tulips, viola, iris, basil, petunia, and roses

Purple Theme

Go a bit lighter than black with an actual purple. Flowers come in such a different variety of shades from lavender all the way to hollyhocks or simple butterfly bush. Snapdragons can all be used in shades of purple that are really In such a variety of deep purple to light, that you can get quite a few shades of purple in your Fairy garden by utilizing different plants and different miniatures.

urple can create a calming and serene atmosphere in your garden. I really like to use purple with ponds, swings, or mirrored pieces. Shown left is a purple Lantana bush with a purple floral Fairy door. See how putting a color theme makes everything flow together?

Purple themed flowers include: lavender, roses, hollyhocks, iris, butterfly bush, periwinkle, and stock

Blue Theme

Now, I wanted to take a moment to mention the blue color because blue flowers are not very common in the floral world. When you talk about a natural blue flower, there are a few. Keep that in mind with your miniatures, so that you may want to use just a few plants and get more of the blues from the characters, doors and houses that you add.

Darling blue flowers come from baby blue eyes, violets, Johnny jump ups, borage, rosemary and flax.

And I really, really loved flax. It is such a pretty pretty flower. It is a moderate height and it’s very grassy. Super pretty. You will love it! The birds will love it too!  It gives these delightful little blue flowers that sway in the wind and I absolutely highly recommend flax.

Choosing a color themed Fairy or Gnome garden may help you get out of a rut, make a quick garden for a friend, or just get a cleaner look to your displays! I hope you’ll try one today!

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