Use your Fairy Miniatures in new ways

Would you like to use your miniatures in a new way? There is so much that you can do!
Why not try incorporating some of them into your parties and festivities? You could use a Fairy or Gnome as a cake topper, cake decoration, or even a punch bowl centerpiece. You can take any piece that is made of ceramic, resin, or plastic, and use them safely on food that will be eaten.
Of course, you don’t want your guests to be confused and try to eat the miniatures themselves. So it’s best to use them on large displays. The miniatures can be set aside when the food portions get close to the focal point.

As you can see in the photo above, I even had one of my customers use a door and window set on their wedding cake! So amazing and I was truly honored!
Make something yourself and put that into a party Centerpiece!
You can use your creations in several ways: Door decor, in ceiling corners, cake toppers, punch bowl centerpieces, napkin rings, wine charms…..The list goes on and on!

A few rules:

Be sure that if you use something that has any paint or varnish on it, that the piece does not touch any food. You want to be sure that anything you use is food safe or completely separated. Keep it raised above the food itself.
Anything that is hanging must be securely attached so it does not fall down or break off.
Only use pieces on food or drinks that will NOT be a choking hazard.
And finally, have fun!

I did a podcast on this topic. Go to the Podcast and listen to episode #32

So go wild and use your imagination and see how many different ways that you can use your miniatures!!