Fairy Garden Maintenance Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a maintenance plan so your Fairy furniture, Elvin exits, and special Sprites stay looking their best? Here are the best Fairy garden maintenance tips to make your displays the best in town all the time!Fresh Fairy gardens are so fun to make. But how do you keep your miniature gardens in tip-top shape year after year? How can you stop the color fade, chipped paint, broken pieces, and damaged wood that often occurs in the outside elements of a Gnome or Fairy garden?
If you have never listened to the Fairy Gardening Today Podcast, hang on! You are about to get an earful!
Some of my best care and preservation suggestions are in this top podcast episode. It has an extensive amount of “how to’s” to help your garden grow. Don’t worry! All these podcasts are devoid of fluff and packed with info in just a few minutes so you can get what you need and get back to your garden😄

If Springtime is giving you woes, do a deep dive into Spring maintenance here:


And of course, Summer has it’s own issues. So, get a helping hand with the Summertime Spruce Up Episode:


This post will update so you always have somewhere to go if you need to fix something in your fantasy display. I will be making a Winter maintenance podcast soon too! Keep an eye out for that😉

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Happy Fairy Gardening!