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FGT #67

Click here for photos and videos from Stats Christmas Store Pasadena, CA —Photos on Yelp


FGT #32 Dragon Party

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FGT #20 More Shimmer

Flags: triangle shaped – use wire to hole the shape, and to hold to the dowel
            Rectangle shaped-  use glue to hold to stick
Clothesline: always use glue to hold to the clothesline.
Ribbons: tie knots and make extra long to drape over/around figurines

FGT #5 Maintenance-

here are the sealants mentioned in this podcast:
Clear Matte Spray Paint- for new miniatures as well as touching up dried flowers
Varathane Spar Urethane water based- use Satin or Gloss, whichever you prefer to seal in a new paint job
Varathane Spar Urethane oil based – use for wood projects. Try applying with synthetic utensils for best application