Make Your Spring Plans

What kind of garden do you want to make?

A dark and shaded spooky one?
Bright and colorful? Maybe some rainbows?
Whatever you would like to create, you need to make a plan.
Here are some things to consider:


Do you love kitchen Herbs? Maybe a small cutting garden with some friendly Gnomes scattered about will make cooking lots of fun!
Are you a perfume buff? You might want a single strong scent, like a Gardenia.
Maybe you just want something for a short time- a Spring bulb like Hyacinth is perfect for you!


Remember to keep a simple 1 or 2 color theme to smaller gardens to keep a pleasant look.
Choose white and a pink or yellow for a soft relaxing mood.
Pick darker colors like red or purple for a one color vibrant garden that really is cohesive and all blends together. Use many hues of the same color to get a high impact with this type of look.


Whatever you decide on, make a written plan. Either write things down in a journal, or draw them out so you can see what you ideas look like on paper.

Get ready!

Spring will be here soon!