You can start your miniature garden Today!

I’m so glad you’re here! 

Here are 2 places you can use  to get started.

Find some DIY projects that are updated regularly in the blog section called Adventures in Fairyland”.

You can follow step by step a Fairy garden in a pot, arrange a Fairy Bouquet, or just get some inspiration there.


Over on the Podcast page, your sure to find something that the Fae Folks around you will love!

Podcasts are ready for you to listen on many topics there.

If you are just starting out try:

FGT #6 Mother’s Day Fairy Garden

FGT #5 Maintenance

FGT #4 and #3 Easter Basket Fairy Gardens- one is for kids and the other is for adults.

These episodes will get you going and help you to create something right away!

You can always get to the podcast by clicking the icon on the top of every page that looks like this:


Or hop over to see what’s happening in Fairyland by clicking this gal- also at the top of every page

  And please, be a part of my Fairy Family by adding yourself to the list below.  

I am a real Fairy gardener myself, and I’d love to share these adventures with you 💕