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Fairy Boy and Girl Dancing




Delightful Fairy Boy and Girl dancing and twirling together!

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This dancing duo is sure to get all the Fae friends on the dance floor!
This blue Fairy boy twirls his partner all around while both of them smile with joy!
🍄This couple is well balanced upon a long Garden pick for insertion into the soil. This way, you can move them around as you like – as though they were actually dancing!
🍄The movement and swirl of the girl’s skirt, both the character’s hair, combined with the way the entire piece is balanced, gives a whole swinging feeling to this entire piece!
🍄Although this piece is manufactured by another company, I always add my own hand-painted touches to the Fairies in my shop. Each Dancing Set is handpainted and may vary slightly from photos. They have been treated with an extra layer of varnish for safe use outside.
Care instructions included.
For adult Fairy gardening only. Not for use as a toy.
Safe for outdoor use.