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Get Your Gnome On Outdoor Garden Sign


Get your Gnome on folks!

This whimsical sign is large and brightly painted, with exterior lettering and sealed for outdoor use.

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See full description below.


Handpainted garden sign that is a motto for all Gnome lovers! Hang this sign in your garden and bring a smile to all who enter.
🍄 Each sign will vary slightly, since they are handpainted
🍄Size: measures 8 inches wide, and 11 inches long
🍄Use: safe for use indoors or outside! Sign is sealed for long term life
🍄Convenient string hanger is also sealed for outdoor use
🍄Each sign is handpainted so yours will be a unique piece of art!
Looks great inside too!
Add this colorful sign to any tree, post, or wall to bring some direction and fun into your garden!


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