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Natural Paper Bark Bookmark with Irish Blessing Laminated


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Beautiful bookmark made from the bark of a paper tree with a charming Irish blessing! Each bookmark will vary due to the bark that is used. This is bark from a paper tree and is completely untreated. The bark is burned with the wording and then sealed into a laminate. The laminate keeps it safe so the paper does not deteriorate. The beautiful brown and greenish tones in the bark are easily seen and protected for years of use. Because of the natural bark used, each bookmark will differ slightly.
🍄Every bookmark is laminated for long term use.
🍄Blessing says: May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live
🍄Size: approximately 2 inches wide and 7 inches long
🍄 Makes a great birthday gift, graduation gift or gift for a book lover! Also perfect for St Patrick’s Day ☘️
🍄 Each bookmark is shipped in a ready to gift beautiful sleeve – see photo
🍄 Every bookmark is unique and will vary slightly but all have shades of bronze, brown, and yellow
Give one of these beautiful bookmarks as a gift to someone you love, or grab one for yourself and cozy up with a beautiful bookmark and your favorite story!


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