• the Woodland Fairy House
  • the Woodland Fairy House
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  • Woodland Fairy House measurments
  • Woodland Fairy House measurments
  • Green Woodland Fairy Home8
  • side view woodland Fairy house
  • Side view woodland Fairy house
  • Beautiful Woodland Fairy House
  • Beautiful Woodland Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams
  • Woodland Fairy House
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Woodland Fairy House


This Fairy house has several captivating features! You will love having the beautiful Woodland feel this home provides, and the Fairy is always there to lend a helping hand too!
See full description below for all the details.


This is a complete indoor Fairy garden display put into one house!

There is a large green butterfly and a tiny green bird atop the roof, mushrooms all along the stone base, a sparkling Fairy resting nearby, and a darling welcome sign posted on the house to greet more friends!
🍄There is also a special green touchstone set into the back of the house.
🍄Entire home sits on a natural stone base.
🍄Tiny painted details are seen up close.
🍄Front door is framed in twisted natural branches, and has a graceful shape. (door does not open) The  wood, touches of yellow from pale to daffodil, and green from emerald to moss make this house feel as though it was pulled out of a forest!
🍄Size: this is a large Fairy House measuring inches 11 tall, 6 inches wide and 13 inches long.
Best suited for indoor gardens.
For adult Fairy gardening only. Not for use as a toy.