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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a Fairy garden anywhere?


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When taking your Fairy Gardens outdoors, the items you choose are different.
Indoors, you can use things like moss, dried flowers, and stack items together…

Outside it’s a whole different world!

Creating a Fantasy Fairyland outside is so much fun! If you include a young friend or family member, it is a memory making moment for sure!

Here are a few recommendations that can help your outdoor displays last longer.

 4 Fae Forest Tips for Fairy Gardening Outside:

   1.  Keep your items out of direct sun, wind, and water.

Use the shade of a tree, bush or patio roof to give protection wherever possible.

   2.  Use a soft cloth to keep items clean.

Dirt can cause mold and decay. It also can interfere with and spray or varnish used to protect the item. At least once per month go lightly over each piece in your garden display with a soft towel or rag.

   3.  Once per year revarnish or add a coat of clear spray paint to prevent color loss.

If you purchase from Sprouted Dreams, you receive care instructions with every item. Usually, resin or plastics do best with a light spray of clear Matte Enamel. If you are unsure what to spray, that is a pretty safe bet for most items. Use care with items that are already varnished, as adding different compounds can cause bubbling and cracking.

   4.   Buy products made for outdoor use.

Choose items for your Outdoor Fairy gardens that are made of treated wood, ceramic, cement resins, or plastic.

If you try to place items of moss, dried flowers, fabric, or papers, just know that they will decay.

This is where Sprouted Dreams can help.

Introducing the Sprouted Outdoors Collection…


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Fairy Garden Signs:

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