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Fern Sprite

One of my favorite characters, the Fern Sprite is a one-of-a-kind art piece!

Although she completely blends in with a garden, this Fern Sprite is meant to be used as a display indoors.

This item has sold!

Below you can see the Fern Sprite in her creation process, as well as from many angles when completed. I’m so pleased with how she looks! Hope you like her too!


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A Fern Sprite story:

Among the soft debris and curling leaves of the ferns she was born. The Fern Sprite grew from a deeply shaded place in the forest. She loved the quiet and peace of her youth, but she always looked above. Through the tree branches far overhead, she could see the bright sunlight shining and the birds that fluttered in the treetops.

Once her wings grew and feathered, she began her flight lessons. Her father gently taught her how to take off, how to use the tips of her wings to steer, and how to land. He warned her not to fly out of the thick forest, where strong winds could rip her wings and toss her to the ground with drastic effects!

But the Fern Sprite was grown now, and she had plans of her own…

After a few months of flight, she decided to venture outside the trees. Up she flew into the light until finally she was out in the open sky!

What an amazing view! The whole world was ablaze with the color!  The blue of the sky, the white clouds, the green trees and wonderful colors danced amidst the hillsides.
A small breeze came blowing by. It was not the wind her father had warned her about. It felt warm on her face and she could use it to move in different ways according to its’ current. How fun! Surely the elders were wrong about this interesting force of Nature.
After a while the Fern Sprite felt very odd. Her roots began to dry and she had great stiffness in her fine branched arms. She felt the breeze blowing through her wings, instead of lifting them. She felt the need for the damp soil and a longing for the mosses that liked to gather around her legs. A surge of weariness  gripped her.
It was time to fly back down.
That day she learned so much. The world was much more than what she could see from her home. It had beauty, danger, color and peril, all swirled together. Yet she also knew she was living right where she belonged. She had family, wise teachers, and a community that belonged to her. Her home was a delightful part of this big world and she was ready to belong to her forever home!
the end.
If you think her forever home is with you, here is a direct link to her listing in my Etsy shop.
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