bird eating berries
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Pests in the Fairy Garden

If you are bothered by pests in your fairy garden, get ready for some inspiration and some good old fashioned help! While dealing with live plants always presents great joy, sometimes pests can make things difficult.



bird eating berries

Try using preventative measures whenever you can. Fencing, aviary mesh, planter boxes, and containers can all help to keep your plants healthy.

look for desease in curled up leaves of plants

Don’t forget that healthy plants defend themselves from preditors best. Keep everything well watered. Use good compost as a side dressing at least every other month. And keep some organic sprays or soaps on hand if you need to.

Don't let them outnumber you!

Whenever you can, pick off pests by hand. Keep animals out if possible. Use a spray if you must, and be tenacious!


If you need some extra guidance listen to podcast episode #165

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