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   Creation of Fantasy Gardens

Tiny Tiki by Sprouted DreamsThe creation of Fairies, Ents, Woodsprites, and their homes, has brought me great joy and maybe a bit of insight. I would like to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned, and a bit of what I believe is a helpful message.

As I work on these pieces, they truly come to life! What starts out as an idea in my mind, morphs and changes as it

Asian Ent by Sprouted Dreams
The Asian Ent- definitely NOT a girl!

translates into a physical product.

Sometimes, I can see something in my thoughts and have it come out exactly as I had first projected it. But, most often, this is not the case.
As an example, the Asian Ent began as a twisted branch with which I wanted to put a very feminine face. I used a Barbie head mold to start off with. As you can see in his photo on the right, he doesn’t look like Barbie! The creation process developed him into what he was meant to be.

What creation helps us see

As I work on a piece. I try to put elements that come from the wood, stones, and bark being used. They push me into directions I didn’t have at the beginning. These concepts and processes seem to come from a different realm. Without sounding too weird – OK I

Ent by Sprouted Dreams
One of my very first garden characters!

guess I’m weird – I let each piece speak to me. Or perhaps it is a higher power speaking to me through my work.

However you would like to phrase it, I let the work flow and develop through the creation process.
I believe this gives me an idea of what it’s like to be a creator. I also think it gives me some insight and lessons into a very mind of God. When I create something, it may or may not be beautiful. Some of them might seem scary. They have different colors. They come from different places. And they are all a part of me. And I love them all!

Isn’t that what God sees when he looks at us? We are all different.

Grandfather Ent by Sprouted Dreams
some folks think Grandfather Ent is scary- I think he knows how to protect his Pixies he is in charge of!

Even twins are not the same. Yet when the creator sees the finished creation, each one is perfect and beautiful, created for the exact place and time where it will live.

Being able to express yourself helps to connect you to your Creator too! Be who you were made to be! Just as I receive messages through my work, being connected with the thoughts you share with God helps to form your life in new ways and bring fresh ideas!
Next time you think that you are not fitting in, or maybe you seem to be different from others in certain aspects, remember that God made you that way. You are a piece and a part of Him. And you are beautiful, made perfectly to be just what and where you are!

Create your own special Fairy Garden

As you use different plants, natural materials and maybe even some of my creations, remember your garden is YOUR creation! Make it just right for you. No one can say it is overdone or not enough. It simply has to be something YOU love and enjoy! Big or small, I know being able to use your creativity will help you grow, believe in yourself, and become more content. It might even help you to see what you were created to be too!
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