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Fairy Garden Bouquet


Even if you don’t have a lot of space or time, you can  make a Fairy Garden Bouquet!

Sometimes it’s nice to create a miniature Fairy garden out of a bouquet of flowers! If you don’t have the space or time to do a complete Fairy garden, why not turn a vase of flowers into a miniature display!
For this article, I am using a display for a friend who is coming over for some tea. I will be using a spring type bouquet and adding greenery, butterflies, a Fairy, and a tiny house. Using this technique, you can have a display that changes on a regular basis, therefore it’s never boring.

What you will need

When choosing your container for your Fairy bouquet, it’s important to remember that solid colors and simplistic design work best. If you choose something with a busy pattern or unusual shape, it will distract from your display.
If you purchase cut flowers, be prepared to add quite a bit of greenery. We want to create a island for the Fairy garden to be set within the flowers. Look at the photos. The house or main element needs to be viewed from all sides. This means it will be raised in the center with the flowers surrounding it. Plan on heading outside with some shears to collect extra greenery you will need.

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If you are doing this display in the winter time, many types of Pine and Fir provide a nice green base. In spring and summer you have many options! You could choose from ferns to palm fronds! Fall can be a difficult time, as many green plants are starting to  change color. You could use this to your advantage by choosing small tree branches that are starting to change. If you cannot find something suitable, you can always use silk or artificial greenery. Adding the fresh flowers on top of these artificial plants can produce a very nice effect.
A strong center piece is vital for this type of design. Also, having a few “airy“ items will add dimension. Think: butterflies, small birds, fairies, or dragonflies.
You can choose any centerpiece you like, either add a floral pick or place it on top of floral foam. You can make your own picks from tree branches, wire, or found items such as chopsticks, wooden dowels, or even plastic straws. If you can’t get your centerpiece onto a pick, use a floral foam brick inside the vase to water your flowers AND provide a base for the centerpiece.
Use a base within your vase in order to stabilize your Fairy items on these long picks. You can use a floral sponge, stones, or marbles. Anything that will help to stabilize the bottom of the pick.

Time to put it all together!

Start by placing your stabilizer is in the bottom of the vase. Next, it’s time to start building your Fairy bouquet by making a strong green base that goes around the edge of your vase. See the photos. Make sure this greenery extends at least 2 inches around the entire diameter of the vase. Start with longer pieces that will extend the furthest lengths. Next, add another layer of greenery on top of that, being sure to cover any bare spaces. Depending on the greenery you use, you may want to add even a third layer of greenery to create a strong image of a garden. Now, we will place the main item for your display in the center.  Then, build the flowers up around the centerpiece. You want the centerpiece to be viewed from every direction, so don’t build any side higher than the other. The centerpiece should be the tallest point. The flowers are going to add color and beauty that surrounds the main focal point. I like using a Fairy house as my centerpiece. But you could also use a dining set, a large Fairy, WoodSprite, or even a swing- anything that you can put on a long pick that can be stabilized on the bottom.
 Start with the largest flowers first. Then fill in with smaller flowers and secondary colors. The smaller pieces look nice as they float above the other larger flowers and greenery.

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Finish your display with the “airy“ items. These should be on extra long wires or pics. This gives your birds, butterflies, bugs, or fairies the appearance that they are actually flying.


To watch me put a Fairy Garden Bouquet together, step-by-step, I have 2 videos up on the Facebook page.

Click this link to watch a tutorial using floral foam.
Click this link to watch a tutorial using all floral picks.
And now you’re all set! Voilà!
It makes such a pretty display and is something special for everyone at the table to admire while they have a nice meal or tea together. Please let me know if you have any questions or post how your Fairy Garden Bouquet goes!
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