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Create a Fairy garden in a pot

Want some ideas on how to create a Fairy garden in a pot?

Fairy Garden in a PotTake a look at these illustrations and put your own together!

It is simple and loads of fun to do!

First: Collect

Gather all your supplies. For a Fairy garden in a single pot of approximately 14 inches in diameter, you will need the following supplies:

1. a pot filled with good soil ( 12-16 inches across  the rim for this project will work)

2. one small to medium sized Fairy house

3. one miniature bench, chair, or sign display

4. two floral plants, such as pansy, coleus, marigold, or stock

5. two small low growing greenery plants, such as ivy, thyme,  periwinkle, or Dwarf Plumbago

6. pathway stones, moss, or sand- enough to fill the length of your walkway. Approximately 1 quart

7. Optional* mushrooms, forest friends, or gazing ball


I have videos on my Facebook Page that shows this whole process. Here is the direct link to the video for assembly. And here is the direct link for outdoor Fairy Garden pots.

Second: Create!

For this project it is best to offset the main focal point. By placing the Fairy house slightly to one side it gives the entire pot a deeper feeling- more like a miniature forest!

See the diagram below of how to take the elements and put them together. put the tallest/ larger flowers right behind the house. Have the smaller flowers on either side of the biggest one. Place the house slightly off center. Don’t make a straight pathway- use curves. Be sure to use at least 2 crawling greenery plants so that when the pot grows a bit, they can spill over the sides of the pot.

Money spent on cut flowers can be used on plants much more effectively in this creative way! The plants last longer than cut flowers, with even more gratification!!

Try to use plants that will thrive where you put the pot- that said, you can use outdoor plants for awhile inside. Just be sure if they have been inside for 5-7 days, they will need some stronger light and need to go back outside. Don’t be afraid to try with different plants! It is all part of the fun!

If you are able to keep your Fairy garden pot in a covered or protected area, feel free to use items that are more delicate. Just be sure to liftHandmade Green Fairy House by Sprouted Dreams them up off the damp dirt when you water.

If you use your pot outside in the open, be sure to use items that are specifically made for outdoors. Any of the new Sprouted Outdoors Collection pieces are an ideal match for your Fairy garden in a pot. Try one of the dining sets, benches or houses in a pot and you will be able to use the garden pot anywhere!

Outdoor Fairy Garden in a Pot (1)
close up of the Outdoor Dining Set
Outdoor Fairy Garden in a Pot (2)
Outdoor Signage


Outdoor Fairy Garden in a Pot (3) Outdoor Fairy Garden in a Pot (3)


I hope you find some inspiration and direction to start a small potted Fairy garden in a pot today!
Post in the comments here and let me know what you have created!
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