Lost Pixie House

Do you have the Lost Pixie at your house?

The perfect miniature for the Fall! Colors of Autumn cover this adorable house that comes with it’s own little container of Pixie dust!

A small butterfly has decided to call the roof of this darling house it’s home!

Several entrances and lovely vines and moss cover this home.


*Note to parents*

This story is a bit different than the one’s I usually post. It has a sad ending. Read through first and see if it is appropriate for your child, or maybe you want to use it as a teaching experience.


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Read the Lost Pixie House Story Below:

The days were getting short. Frequently clouds would dance across the sky in Pixie Valley. The young couple who lived in a beautiful bright orange home encouraged their daughter to stretch her wings every day as she learned to fly.
She was getting to be quite good at her lessons. One day, she even tried a loop-de-loop. Unfortunately, this move caused her to crash into the tall grass of the meadow nearby. Scratched and bruised, she returned to her parents with a tear stained face.
“That move was too difficult for you to try little one!” exclaimed her mother. “You should not have tried that by yourself” cried her father.”But I can do it!” She said.”I can, and I don’t need your help!” The Pixie parents were quite taken aback with their daughter’s new found tenacity.
“We just don’t want you to get hurt” the parents tried to explain. Daughter agreed to go to bed and get some rest. The parents stayed up and would check on her frequently, worried about their little girl.
The next day the girl moped around the house, and acted quite sullen.
She was determined to get the loop-de-loop. And, its’ proper pull up at the end. She was thinking all the time about her failure.
Daughter decided that her parents would be watching her too closely in the shadows of night to try the move again. She settled on a plan to deceive her parents the next day by acting happy and obedient throughout their active nighttime hours. Then, she would sneak out during the brightest daylight to practice again.
Her plan went smoothly. She was back to her old self, happy and smiling. Mother and Father were so pleased that she had apparently abandoned the crazy loop-de-loop idea, and that she would grow her wings a bit more before trying the difficult move again.
At their outside dinner, the Autumn breezes began to blow a bit more fiercely. As soon as dinner was finished, the family moved inside for desert.
“Fall may be turning into Winter a bit sooner this year!” exclaimed Father. “Yes indeed!” Mother agreed.
Daughter was only thinking of her flight patterns.
At the dawn of the new day, when her parents were tucking her in, daughter looked into their adoring faces and said ” I love you” as she settled into her quilts.
In the bright of the day, the tiny Pixie girl awoke, and slipped out of the house. She fluttered over the valley and headed to the meadow. At first, she practiced her flight patterns, diving in and out of the quite strong breezes that were now blowing across the grass.
Meanwhile, Mother awoke and went to check on Daughter. “oh no!” Daughter was not in her bed! Quickly, she ran to get Father. They both went outside, calling for their girl.
In the meadow, the wind was picking up speed.
The sun was just beginning to set as the worried parents headed toward the meadow. Daughter was almost ready to attempt her first loop-de-loop. She barely noticed the wind that was swirling around her. Nearby, the butterflies were finishing their daily chores and starting to head back home. By the time the parents arrived at the meadow, calling endlessly to their daughter, this sky was filled with winged creatures. Daughter was one of them, and she rose high in the sky to get enough speed coming down to attempt her loop-de-loop.
“Is she up there? I can’t find her. There’s too many little orange wings!“ Exclaimed father. Suddenly, they both looked toward the setting sun and saw a single small creature plunge downward and then complete a loop-de-loop. “It’s her!“ They exclaimed. Just as their daughter completed her loop, a strong wind came and blew her, along with many of the butterflies, toward the setting sun. It was a flurry of yellow, orange, and cream, swirling through the sky. And then, with a final sparkling of Pixie dust, they were all gone. Into the colors of the setting sun, their a little Pixie was lost.
The End

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