Mr Mottled Bark
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Mr. Mottled Bark

The character and warmth that Mr. Mottled Bark emanates is truly amazing! He seems to really be THE ideal Fairy garden Character!

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This is a large Ent, measuring 16 inches tall. He would look smashing in a potted tree! Of course, simply placing him on a table or desk would work great too.

Mr. Mottled Bark Fairy is so special, I had to write a tale all about his deeds.

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Read the Mr. Mottled Bark story:

Mr. Mottled was a special fellow. He always loved to read. Nonfiction was a daily portion for him, but stories were actually his favorite. He took time during his flights to and from the meadow to think about what he had been reading. This was his way of digesting his literature. In this matter, he became one of the wisest characters in the forest.
Mr. Mottled preferred to be by himself, and with his books. However, the forest friends all knew that his vast knowledge would someday come in handy.
One fresh Monday morning,  the town decided it was time for it the children do you have a school. All of the forest folks got together to contribute materials, labor and designs for the best school house they could provide.
No one questioned who the teacher would be. Everyone knew that Mr. Mottled Bark was perfect for the position. They were so sure in fact, that the topic was never really discussed. Everyone was sure that the position would be filled by Mr. Mottled.
At the grand opening celebration for the school, the mayor of the town came up to Mr. Mottled and asked him what he thought about his new position as schoolmaster. “What?” Said Mr. Mottled. “Why your position as the children’s new teacher of course!”
“No one has ever asked me to do that.”
“Oh dear!” gasped mayor. The mayor flushed a little pink and fluttered off to discuss his faux pas with the school board.
“It seems Mr. Mottle was not aware of his position” proclaimed the mayor. Everyone was so surprised. Then they realized that no one had ever discussed the proposition previously.  “I think Mr. Mottled needs some encouragement” said one of the Twinkling Fairies. She flew off to have a talk with Mr. Mottled herself.
 “We are also sorry that we assumed you would be the children’s teacher. We all know how intellectual you are, and how much you love learning. To us, it was such an obvious choice, that we never actually thought of another person except for you”
Feeling a little bit bolstered by the Fairy’s kind words, Mr. Mottled considered.
“I suppose I have the most books” he said. “What you’re saying makes sense. I suppose I can try”.
The Twinkling Fairy was thrilled! She went back to tell the others.
School was set to begin in two weeks. Mr. Mottled Bark took all the time he could to prepare for class.
The children were well behaved, but quite different from Mr. Mottled’s quiet life. They took some getting used to. The children of course, loved to play games, and run, and fly, much more than they enjoyed reading books. But this is where Mr. Mottled really showed his excellence as a educator. He thought that books were the open door to all kinds of adventure, wonder, other worlds, and future destinations. All of his excitement and wonder that these books held, he passed on to the school children. Eventually, they became as excited about learning as he was!
The excitement for learning led to the children becoming excellent at what they loved!
The school was a smashing success, with students who love to be there, and a teacher who helped each one become their best.
The End.
A huge thank you to all the educators who help our future generations to become their very best!

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