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the Secret Fairy Door- Part 3

Here is the final installment of the Secret Fairy Door!


Part three

Once again, Tabatha was disappointed with this Fairy door. She wanted to play with all the Fae Folks in her dreams. But, that night, she did not dream about Fairies or Pixies or Fairyland at all. In fact she dreamt more about her spelling test at school the next day than she did about her enchanted friends. This door just did not seem to have the magic that it should have. She decided to focus on her spelling test, and decide about the Fairy door dilemma later. While at school, she did her studies and got an A- on her spelling test! She was so excited that she forgot all about the door. She chatted with friends at lunch and had a very lovely day!

Once she was at home, she remembered about the door. What could she do to bring her friends into her room at night? She thought and thought. Then she remembered “Of course! The old Fairy door that I had made with my grandma she exclaimed!” She pulled out an old shoe box from her closet. Inside, she found a beautiful red and white door that she had made with her grandmother many years before. Her grandmother always love to talk about the Pixies that she had played with when she was a girl. Tabatha remembered her grandmother fondly, and missed her so much! Her grandmother had passed away just six months earlier and she missed her so. Surely this door must have some of grandmother’s magic Tabatha thought.Granny's Fairy Door

Red Fairy DoorTabatha placed the door lovingly on top of her dresser. She went off to dinner to tell her parents about her marvelous day and enjoy the evening with her family. When it was time to finally go to sleep, Tabatha had once again forgotten about the door. She fell asleep without giving another thought about it.

That night she slept, and dreamed, and had a wonderful time running through meadows and blowing dandelion seeds with Fairies and Pixies. Together, they climbed up trees with faces  that smiled at her! Giant wooden arms carried her down from high branches with their leafy fingers so that she did not have to worry about climbing down. It was a wonderful night’s dream and she was so happy!

She woke up the next morning rested and elated that her Fairy door had finally worked! It was the perfect one! With just a sprinkling of grandmother is magic.

Grandma's Fairy Door by Sprouted Dreams

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